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Fratco XD

100% virgin plastics make up our strongest pipe. This pipe exceeds AASHTO and ASTM standards so you can rest easy for generations to come.


A pipe for every application.


Fratco pipes are offered in a traditional uniform slotted design. The normal slots are best used in normal soils that are unlikely to enter the pipe.

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Solid Wall

Solid (non-perforated) pipes are offered for those areas where water transportation is needed, without any drainage.

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Ideal in muck type soils that do not leach or percolate well, this product works best when covered in our high quality nit products to decrease soil infiltration.

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Narrow Slotted

Fratco pipes are offered in a narrow slotted design for those instances of sandy soils that are likely to enter through the larger slot sizes.

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NIT Filter

Our NIT filters are offered on a number of different pipe applications and are a great way to fight clogging in sandy conditions.

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Smooth Corr

SmoothCorr pipes are dual wall, heavy-duty, and designed for the most grueling applications--meeting the highest specs.

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Perforated Fratco drainage pipe can be used with perforations facing up or down depending on the needs of the job.

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Gravel-less leach bed

This system allows you to replace up to 36 inches of gravel bedding with this single, simple drainage system.

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Anatomy of Fratco pipe.

Customizeable Our lines are ready for your custom project.

Meeting Specs Our pipes meet all major design specs.

Sizes & Shapes Available in almost any size or quantity.

Polyolefin Plastics Our plastics are strong, durable, and affordable.

Precision Corrugation Our corrugation and knife cuts are precise. No hanging chads!

Strength by Design Our team of engineers are expert at their craft.