Craig Douglass

Sales Manager

Craig has over 29 years of Professional experience working in the ag community.  He taught Agricultural Education/FFA for 14 years, worked for Farm Credit of Mid America for 10 years, and has been with the Fratco sales team for the past 5 years.  He brings leadership, sales experience, and a deep understanding of agriculture to the table.

Chris Calisto

Central Indiana

A veteran of the production facility and the quality lab, Chris’ insight into our process and rigorous standards mean he can answer any question you have. His time in the lab means he, more than anyone, understands the durability and longevity of our products.

Rick Cain

Southern Indiana

Rick has experience as a drainage products reseller, inventory manager, and nearly 3 decades of experience with our great products. Rick is a family man with both kids and grandkids, and we’re proud to call him a part of ours!

Chad Nicholson

Northern Illinois

Chad has been selling Fratco pipe for longer than any of us would like to admit. Beneath his gruff exterior is a fount of drainage knowledge, tech experience, and real-world experience with drainage systems and installation.

Brian Hays

Missouri & Southern Illinois

An expert at plastics extrusion and veteran of the drainage products industry, Brian can answer any question about products and quality.

Paul Liggett

Northern Indiana & Southern Michigan

Paul brings to Fratco a strong business background coupled with the work ethic and flexibility that is born from his time in the field burying tile.

Alan Kruszka

Minnesota, Wisconsin, & Northern Iowa

With 43 years of agricultural sales under his belt, there just isn’t much in the industry that Alan hasn’t seen. His background makes him one of the most knowledgeable in our entire industry and we lean heavy on his insight here at Fratco. Alan embodies “Old school where it counts.”

Craig Thompson

Southern Iowa

Fairly new to Fratco, Craig isn’t new to our industry. Craig has been installing tile in agricultural and commercial applications for more than two decades. His water and sewer system background make him a resource for large commercial projects that is unmatched in the tile industry.

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