Tapping Into Innovation

As seen in the Tried & True Fall 2023 issue

Central Plastics Inc. is a remarkable success story in the drainage industry. We talked with Curt Yoder, co-founder of Central Plastics Inc., to get the scoop on how they partner with Fratco in Illinois to bring the best quality products to the people who need them most. Founded in 2011 in Arcola, Illinois, Central Plastics Inc. has steadily grown into a trusted distributor of high-quality drainage products, primarily supplied by Fratco, a leading manufacturer in the field. 

Central Plastics Inc. was born out of a collaboration between Curt Yoder and his father, Larry Yoder. After spending some time in the sales world in Dallas and Los Angeles, Curt received a call from his father, who saw an opportunity in the thriving drainage industry. Together, they considered manufacturing four-inch tubing but discovered an even better opportunity when they approached Fratco. The Yoder’s knew there was an incredible opportunity, and being a multi-generational farming family, getting into the plastic drainage pipe industry seemed like a natural progression. With his brother running Yoder Farm Drainage, it felt more natural to be a distributor for Fratco rather than buying the equipment to produce pipe themselves.

Fratco Partnership

Fratco welcomed the idea of Central Plastics Inc. becoming a distributor of their products. This was a significant decision, considering Central Plastics Inc. was relatively young, and Curt was only in his twenties at the time. Fratco’s belief in the Yoders and their willingness to support the new distributor allowed Central Plastics Inc. to take root and grow.

One of the key elements that set Central Plastics Inc. apart was the alignment of their values with Fratco’s family-oriented approach. Both companies prioritize building strong relationships and providing exceptional customer service. This shared vision helped them forge a successful partnership that has lasted for over a decade.

Hear what Curt Yoder likes about Fratco

The Flex Tap: A Game-Changing Invention

In 2018, Curt Yoder conceived the idea for the Flex Tap, a groundbreaking product designed to simplify and improve the installation of taps. The Flex Tap features a unique locking mechanism that eliminates the need for manually squeezing and using shovels to wedge the tap in, making it more efficient and user-friendly. Yoder’s partnership with Fratco proved vital in bringing this product to life.

When Curt approached Fratco with the Flex Tap prototype, they immediately recognized its potential and embraced the concept of innovation. Fratco’s President, Chris Overmyer, fully supported Curt’s vision, which resulted in a successful collaboration that led to the launch of the Flex Tap.

The Flex Tap’s success transformed Central Plastics Inc. into a North American player, expanding its reach beyond the Midwest. The product gained traction not only in the United States and Canada but also attracted interest from potential European customers.

Inside the Central Plastics Inc. flex fitting warehouse

Continued Partnership and Growth

Over the years, Central Plastics Inc. and Fratco have maintained their strong partnership and continue to support each other. Fratco’s dedication to planning ahead and communicating closely with distributors like Central Plastics Inc. has been instrumental in overcoming supply challenges and delivering products efficiently.

Curt Yoder’s journey with Central Plastics Inc. is a testament to the power of innovation, partnership and strong values. The company’s successful distribution of Fratco products and the revolutionary Flex Tap have cemented its position as a reliable player in the drainage industry. With a focus on customer service, continuous improvement and innovation, Central Plastics Inc. is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.

Curt Yoder with his son