Pullins Drainage and Excavating, LLC

As seen in the Tried & True Summer 2023 issue

A Family Business

Over six decades ago, a 25 year old David Pullins took a chance and started Pullins Drainage and Excavation, LLC. The business succeeded and it wasn’t long before David’s son, Paul, got involved and eventually took over at the helm. Today, David’s grandsons Sam and John play an integral role in the business David started way back in 1958. At 90 years old, David still finds a way to watch the boys and throw in his two cents. Celebrating their 65th year of operation, Pullins Drainage and Excavation is proud to partner with Fratco.

Over the years Pullins has worked with many suppliers, but since 2017 has been a loyal customer. It’s Fratco’s top-notch products and exceptional customer service that keeps the relationship strong, and Pullins has never looked back. Pullins discovered Fratco at a Land Improvement Contactors Association (LICA) convention. After years of customer service and quality issues, Pullins was desperate to find a new manufacturer that could offer better quality tile and better customer service, Fratco was the obvious choice. He met with his then Sales Representative, Chris Calisco, and the partnership blossomed.

“There is a tile company right down the road from us, but we would rather use Fratco,” said Sam Pullins, President of Pullins Drainage and Excavating, LLC. Sam explained that between quality issues and constantly being overlooked as “too small” of a customer, the choice to switch was easy. “Our local manufacturer just seemed to only care about the really big customers that wanted to order from them,” he explained.

Technology For the Win

The biggest benefit according to Sam is Fratco’s eye for innovation and how they leverage technology where it can best benefit the customer. Such as their newer product, FlexCorr, a dual-wall tile that can be plowed right in. It installs faster and easier you save time and money in the field–a huge deal for a family-owned business like Pullins.

Sam knows first-hand how advanced technology can make a world of difference in efficiency and quality. In 2000, Pullins Drainage was the third company in the US to purchase GPS surveying equipment which enabled them to double their productivity. Which ultimately meant they could have more clients without sacrificing quality or service, something Fratco strives for everyday.

Sam revealed that it is a natural relationship between Pullins Drainage and Excavating and Fratco because they both uphold the same principles. Sam shares Fratco’s attitude towards striving for meaningful progress by making investments in the future. Innovation and adaptability are key characteristics to the long-standing success of business in this industry. They stand behind their word and always put their customers first.

Sam explains, “One time there was a quality issue with some pipe that Fratco delivered to us. Fratco didn’t hesitate to make it right. They replaced the pipe, no questions asked.” Sam continues to praise Fratco’s quality of service, “They sent a pickup truck out with the replacement materials on it that we needed. You would never know how far away we are from them, because of how excellent their service is. Competitors don’t even come close.”

One Check, Please!

Sam has fond memories of their visits with their first salesman at Fratco, Chris. He would insist on taking Sam’s whole family out to eat. Sam chuckled as he recalled, “What Chris didn’t know is that I have a HUGE family.” He explained that with his children, siblings, parents, nieces and nephews all combined they would need a reservation for about 25! It was a long-time running joke between them. Chris always said he loved it because he came from a big family, too.

Tomorrow Belongs to Those Who Build It

Pullins Drainage and Excavating stands as a testament to the power of family legacy and strong partnerships in the business world. With over six decades of operation, their unwavering commitment to quality, service, and innovation has propelled them forward. The alliance forged with Fratco, based on top-notch products and exceptional customer service, has played a pivotal role in their ongoing success. From embracing technological advancements to providing personalized support, Fratco has proven to be a reliable and valued partner for Pullins Drainage. As they celebrate their 65th year in business, Pullins Drainage and Excavating proudly continues to pave the way in the industry, fueled by their shared values and a dedication to meeting customer needs with integrity and excellence.

Joining the Fight by Going Pink

Years ago, a friend of Sam’s parents, Paul and Cathy Pullins, was diagnosed with breast cancer. In her honor, Paul decided to have their trencher painted pink. Sam said, “From then on we had BRON paint all of our equipment pink. It started out as honoring my parent’s friend, but then quickly turned into our trademark. Now, we have just done it for years.” If you see bright pink equipment within a hundred miles of Quincy, Ohio, you know it belongs to Pullins Drainage.