As seen in the Tried & True Fall 2020 issue

If you ask Jackie Sanchez what she loves most about working at Fratco, there is no hesitation in her response: “Things are different around here every day. One day? Chaotic. The next? Quiet and calm. I like that,” Sanchez laughs.

Sanchez, who has been with the company at their Francesville location for close to four years, wears two hats: Safety Administrator and Plant Assistant. Two distinct yet complementary positions leave her fielding plenty of responsibilities. “I make sure everyone stays safe and works smart,” she shares. Keeping tabs on the latest OSHA and CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 added an extra layer of guidelines and policies to a role where safety always remains priority one. “With COVID, we immediately implemented more cleanliness—washing hands—and required masks to be worn whether working in the plant or meeting with customers.” Fratco continues to work hard by communicating with employees and contractors on the importance of protecting one another. “It’s important we continually show how much we care by not potentially exposing others or people they love to illness.”

For many, working at Fratco feels like being alongside family. The atmosphere is close-knit and caring. There’s a genuine vibe of wanting to know coworkers on a level that goes deeper than smiling politely and nodding as you pass by. Sanchez teases that sometimes they may be a little too much like siblings. “I hear all the time from new employees, ‘Is that your brother?’ when they see some of us teasing each other,” she laughs. This connective thread is not something Sanchez has always experienced in the workplace. “It’s different at Fratco. Everyone is easy to talk to, flexible and understanding. They remember the details about your life and family, and when they ask how you’re doing it’s genuine.”

Sanchez joined Fratco after a career in management and hospitality. She’s thankful for the opportunities Fratco provides employees to move forward in their careers. “Every company wants to grow and have a vision. Then there are the companies who know that investing in their people is the way to ensure a great corporate future. That’s what you’ll find at Fratco.” When asked why customers choose Fratco over other companies, Sanchez knows the reason. “I hear over and over from contractors that we make the best pipe,” she proudly affirms. Plant visitors and guests are shocked at the news that their tour guide—Sanchez—has never worked a day on the line yet knows what goes into making every foot of Fratco pipe. “‘But you’re so full of knowledge!’ they’ll say, surprised. I have to know every detail of what it takes to construct Fratco-quality products because it’s my job to,” she explains.