As seen in the Tried & True Summer 2020 issue

Recently, ASTM International announced that F3390 is the new standard for 3 through 24-inch lined, flexible, corrugated pipe used for land drainage applications. This specification covers all requirements and test methods. The importance of our products exceeding expectations and regulations is forefront in our minds. That’s why FlexCorr has always exceeded this standard. The requirements are intended for all manufacturers to provide non-pressure, or gravity flow, lined flexible annular corrugated polyethylene pipe for subsurface land drainage systems. This news is of great benefit to contractors and customers in the agriculture and construction industries.

What makes FlexCorr unique is that it installs two-times faster than traditional dual-wall sticks. Because it has fewer connection points, FlexCorr coils allow for easy plow installation. It also eliminates the need to use additional equipment during installation—a key advantage to customers. The benefits of reduced labor, as well as less equipment, combine to provide a wide range of potential applications. This means more opportunity for your business, fewer hands needed to make it happen, and a more significant ROI. FlexCorr’s 100-year design life assures customers they’ve invested in pipe that’s constructed to stand up to the harshest elements and the test of time.

Customer satisfaction, pipe function and durability, along with knowing you can trust the name behind the product, are cornerstones at Fratco. Our FlexCorr is just one of the many products that prove our history of innovation. We know it has to be right, just as our customers do. And if it has to be right, it has to be Fratco.