Exciting Updates to Fratco’s Distribution Process


We are excited to share some significant and exciting changes that have been taking place at Fratco. Rooted in our commitment to delivering the best quality drainage solutions, we’ve made some recent adjustments to better serve our customers who order products through our Francesville plant. While you might have encountered some of these changes already, we’d like to shed light on why we implemented them.

Fratco’s Recent Growth

Over the past few years, Fratco has experienced tremendous growth, and it’s all thanks to the support of loyal customers like you. We are profoundly grateful for your trust in our brand. As we grow, we recognize the challenges that accompany such success, particularly with our distribution process. Rest assured, we’re embracing these challenges head-on.

Rethinking Our Distribution Model

In mid-2022, we started a deep dive into the distribution process at our Francesville plant, focusing on:

  • Improving order accuracy
  • Increasing loading speeds
  • Enhancing shipping efficiencies

The effort has led to a significant overhaul in our distribution model that began in the Spring of 2023. Some highlights include:

  • Designated account managers for personalized, customer-by-customer order management
  • The creation of a new dedicated shipping department, complete with its own management team
  • Enhanced yard team structure and personnel to boost efficiency 
  • A new driver training program to refine the loading and delivery process

An “Active Evolution”

Please note that this new distribution model is an ongoing process. It’s a dynamic and continually evolving system that we are evaluating and tweaking to ensure its success. Although it has not been without a hiccup, the overall implementation has been a great success, moving us in a positive direction toward our goals.

It’s All About The Customer

At Fratco, we believe improvement is a journey, not a destination. We’re thrilled about the continuous enhancements and how they can be applied at other locations. But we understand that change can sometimes be daunting, and we appreciate your patience throughout this transition. We hope you recognize that these changes aim to increase efficiency, offering many positive benefits for you and your customers.

Let’s Keep in Touch

We value your feedback and encourage you to reach out with any thoughts or questions. Together, we will continue to grow and serve you better. Thank you once again for being a part of the Fratco family.