100 Years & Beyond


Indiana Governor, Eric J. Holcomb bestowed the Governor’s Century or Half Century Business Award upon 38 Indiana companies and organizations today, acknowledging their enduring presence and contributions to their employees, local communities, and the state. Holcomb stated, “Every year, the[se] awards remind me of the dedication and perseverance Hoosiers across the state bring to their businesses, and each year it is truly an honor to recognize these organizations that have withstood the test of time, navigated economic uncertainties and demonstrated unconditional commitment to their employees and communities across Indiana.”

The Governor’s Century and Half Century Business Awards stand as a tribute to Hoosier enterprises that have upheld continuous operations for a minimum of 100 or 50 consecutive years while showcasing a steadfast commitment to community welfare. Over the course of its 32-year history, more than 1,200 Indiana companies have garnered recognition through these awards.

Fratco was proud to accept their Governor’s Century Award from Governor Holcomb earlier this month in Indianapolis. A century of service is defined by the people who provide it. For a multi-generational family business like Fratco, those people are a tight-knit yet ever-growing group. They’re bound together not by blood or creed but by a dedication to their customers. This article looks back on the roots of that dedication: where it started, why it grew, and how honest service, trust and old-fashioned human connection formed the bedrock of a company that has thrived for 100 years.

Fratco, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of HDPE and HDPP corrugated pipe originating out of Francesville, Indiana. For more information on their products, visit www.fratco.com.